Check back in October, 2017 for Leadership Applications!

We will have tons of ways to get involved. See the different roles below. 

Producer / CFO / CMO (Club Co-President)
Creative Director / Writer (Club Co-President)
Music Director / Vocal Arranger / Band Arranger
Dance Director / Choreographer
Stage Manager / Backstage Crew
Design Director / Set Builder / Prop Designer
Video Director / Video Producer

If you love creating a night to remember with a pretty awesome group of people--apply. If you don't--let's be honest. You do. Apply.


Q. Who can apply?

Note: Most positions have an implied TWO-YEAR COMMITMENT because the Show follows an apprenticeship model. For most positions, you will be an assistant and learn the ropes as an MBA1, and you'll take over that position when you're an MBA2.

Co-Presidents (Producer + Creative Director) are available to MBA1s only (due to this apprenticeship model). However, all other teams are accepting applications from MBA1/2s, MsXers and SOs!


Q. Can I be on the leadership team and also audition for the Show? 

A. Yes, overachiever. Auditions will happen in late January.


Q. What is the time commitment for the leadership team?

A. Depends on the role -- we hang out all together for 45 minutes 1x/week, and individual teams meet as needed. Time commitment picks up at the end of Winter quarter and through the beginning of Spring quarter. Your life will be all-Show-all-the-time for Tech Week (the week leading up to the show). It's the best week of life. 


Q. What is the time commitment for the cast / dancers / musicians?

A. Slow your roll. We'll fill you in when we get to auditions. 


Q. Is there any better way to spend my time at the GSB?

A. Nope. 

Got Questions? We'd love to hear from you. 


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